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Blow Guns

Professionals and DIYers everywhere rely on the quality of Amflo®, Camel® and Tru-Flate® tire gauges, blow guns, tire hardware & air line hoses, reels, chucks, couplers, plugs, regulators, tire repair and tire hardware.

Blow Guns

Blow Guns

A full line of both standard and safety blow guns for all uses and applications.

Catalog Number Item Name
200Standard Lever Type Blow Gun
200-100Bulk, Blow Gun, Standard, Lever Type
200E6Blow Gun Extension, 6"
200F8Blow Gun Extension, Flexible, 8"
200NT-1Blow Gun Needle Tip, .134 x 2-3/4"
200NT-4Blow Gun Needle Tip, .050 x 1-1/8"
200NTDBlow Gun Needle Tip Assortment
200-RETBlow Gun, Standard, Lever Type
201Rubber Tipped Blow Gun
201-100Bulk, Blow Gun, Rubber Tipped
201-RETBlow Gun, Rubber Tipped
202Blow Gun Rubber Tip Replacement, 202
204 E12Blow Gun Safety, Extension, 12"
204-30Blow Gun, Safety, Lever Type
204-30ATamper-Proof Safety Blow Gun
204-30A-100Bulk, Blow Gun, Safety, Tamper-Proof
204-30A-RETBlow Gun, Safety, Tamper-Proof
205Heavy Duty Blow Gun
205ATBlow Gun, HD, Angled Rubber Tip 205AT
205DBlow Gun, Heavy Duty
208Blow Gun, Safety, Venturi Tip, 208
209Blow Gun Venturi Tip Replacement
211Blow Gun, Standard, Flex Tip
211-100Bulk, Blow Gun, Standard, Flex Tip
212Blow Gun, Safety, Strata-Flow
213Blow Gun Strata-Flow Replacement Tip
226Blow Gun, Booster
227Blow Gun Booster Tip Replacement
228HI FLO Blow Gun
228-BTHI FLO Booster Tip
228-VTHI FLO Triple Venturi Tip
235Throttle Valve, 1/4"
240Lever Valve, Two-way, 1/4" FNPT
240-100Bulk, Lever Valve, Two-way, 1/4" FNPT
40Radiator Faucet, Aluminum Spout, 1/4" FNPT
40-205RKRadiator Faucet Valve Kit
40R-100Bulk, Radiator Faucet, Rubber Spout, 1/4" FNPT
43WWater Nozzle, 3/4" Garden Bibb
18-143Blow Gun, Safety - 8 1/2" Clip-On
18-202Blow Gun, Standard - Lever Type
18-203Blow Gun, Standard - Lever Type
18-207Blow Gun, Standard - Rubber Tip
18-208Blow Gun, Safety- Venturi
18-212Blow Gun, Standard - Flex Tip
18-215Blow Gun, Rubber And Safety Tips
18-217Blowgun, Safety, 2' Extension
18-219Blowgun, Safety, 4' Extension
18-221Blow Gun, Standard - Siphon Spray
18-225Spray Cleaner, Pistol Grip
18-231Blow Gun, Safety - Button Type
18-232Blow Gun, Safety - Lever Type
18-233Blow Gun, Safety - Lever Type
18-237Blow Gun, Safety - Tamper-Proof
18-241Blow Gun Kit, Deluxe
18-247Blow Gun, Palm-Style Kit
18-302Blow Gun, Safety w/ Extension
18-319Blow Gun, Safety - Lever
18-325Blow Gun, Plastic - Pistol Grip
18-501Nozzle, Water, 3/4" Garden Bibb
18-504Radiator Filler, 3/4" Female Garden Bibb
18-506Radiator Filler, 1/4" FNPT
18-601Blow Gun, Adjustable, T-F
18-603Blow Gun, Adjustable, I/M
18-605Blow Gun, Adjustable, ARO
97-412Tip, Blow Gun Replacement for 18-230
99-005Rubber Tip For 18-207
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