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Professionals and DIYers everywhere rely on the quality of Amflo®, Camel® and Tru-Flate® tire gauges, blow guns, tire hardware & air line hoses, reels, chucks, couplers, plugs, regulators, tire repair and tire hardware.



Tru-Flate packaging combines color, eye-catching graphics and essential "how to use" information for added value to customers. Tru-Flate displays are versatile, with interchangeable headers, moveable hooks and pre-printed back-up cards.

Catalog Number Item Name
96-213Display, Camel Tire Hardware
96-610Display, Air Accessories - Two Panel
96-610-02Display, Tire Maintenance - Panel 1
96-610-03Display, Air Accessories Panel 2
96-630Display, Professional - Two Panel
96-630-02Display, Professional - Couplers/Plug
96-630-03Display, Professional - Chucks & Fittings
96-640Display, Air Accessory Center
96-650Display, Tru-Flate 4 Panel Spinner
96-650-10Panel 1, Couplers/Plugs - Product Only
96-650-11Panel 2, Blow Guns/Gauges - Product Only
96-650-12Panel 3, Chucks/Fittings - Product Only
96-650-13Panel 4, Camel Tire Repair - Product Only
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Fluid Transfer

Plews/LubriMatic offers fluid transfer pumps made with engineering grade plastics and seal compounds for corrosive fluids.

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