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Greases and Oils

For more than 50 years, Plews and LubriMatic have been developing and distributing superior lubrication products to the industrial, hardware, marine, automotive and agricultural markets.

Marine Lower Unit Kits
Catalog Number Item Name
11101Marine Lower Unit Fill Kit
11246Lower Unit Lube Kit
Multi-purpose Lithium Greases
Catalog Number Item Name
11300Multi-Purpose Grease / 3 oz., 4 Pack
11302Multi-Purpose Grease / 3 oz., 2 Pack
11315Multi-Purpose Grease / 14 oz.
11316Multi-Purpose Grease / 1 lb.
11328Multi-Purpose Grease / 35 lb.
Specialty Greases
Catalog Number Item Name
11309Plews Lube Promotional Grease / 1 lb. Tub
11310Plews Lube Promotional Multi-Purpose Grease / 14 oz.
11395Motor Assembly Grease / 8 oz.
11473Outside Gear & Wire Rope Lube Spray / 11.25 oz.
11474Chain & Cable Lubricant
11755Electrical Contact Grease / 2 oz. tube
Moly EP Grease

Moly EP Grease

Addition of molybdenum disulfide to lithium-based grease makes this lubricant especially effective for sliding motions, such as sleeve-journal rotating shafts and ball joints.

Catalog Number Item Name
11335Moly EP Grease / 14 oz.
White Lithium Grease

White Lithium Grease

Includes zinc additive for a clean, white color. Ideal for general home, shop, automotive, agricultural and industrial applications. Contains no silicons and can be used on plastic components.

Catalog Number Item Name
11350White Lithium Grease / 1 lb.
11354White Lithium Grease / 14 oz.
11355White Lithium Grease / 35 lb.
11357White Lithium Grease / 3 oz. - 4 Pack
11363White Lithium Grease 12 oz spray
Disc/Drum Brake Wheelbearing Grease

Disc/Drum Brake Wheelbearing Grease

Meets high temperature requirements of all disc and drum brakes and similar applications.

Catalog Number Item Name
11380Hi-Temp Disc/Drum Wheelbearing Grease / 1 lb.
11382Hi-Temp Disc/Drum Wheelbearing Grease / 4 lb.
11465Hi-Temp Disc/Drum Wheelbearing Grease / 14 oz.
LMX "Red" Grease

LMX "Red" Grease

Industrial and agricultural lithium complex formula. Ideal under te3mperature and pressure extremes, shock loads and high wear situations. Superior adhesion to bearing and moving parts. Highly water insoluble.

Catalog Number Item Name
11390LMX Heavy Duty Grease / 14 oz.
11391LMX Heavy Duty Grease / 35 lb.
Marine Trailer Wheelbearing Grease

Marine Trailer Wheelbearing Grease

Special calcium sulfonate complex, water insoluble formula ideal for marine applications. Provides excellent corrosion protection under severe conditions caused by salt water and air. Use on wheelbearings (including disc brake wheelbearings), swivel hinges, pins, winches and anchor chain reels.

Catalog Number Item Name
11399Corrosion Control / Trailer Wheelbearing Grease / 3 oz. - 2 Pack
11400Corrosion Control / Trailer Wheelbearing Grease / 3 oz. - 4 Pack
11402Corrosion Control / Trailer Wheelbearing Grease / 14 oz.
11404Corrosion Control / Trailer Wheelbearing Grease / 1 lb.
11406Corrosion Control / Trailer Wheelbearing Grease / 8 oz.
11407Corrosion Control / Trailer Wheelbearing Grease / 35 lb.
11408Corrosion Control / Trailer Wheelbearing Grease / 120 lb.
11409Marine Trailer Wheelbearing Grease / 400 lb
Specialty Oils
Catalog Number Item Name
11412Fogging Oil Spray / 9.75 oz.
TC-W3® 2-Cycle Oil

TC-W3® 2-Cycle Oil

TC-W3 meets the specified requiremetns of all foreign and domestic 2-cycle outboard manufacturers. Our ashless TC-W3 is formulated from ultra-clean base stock oil to provide superior protection against piston scuffin, bearing wear, spark plug fouling, pre-ignition and rust. This formulation has outstanding lubricity and miscibility for better mixing of fuel and oil, resulting in a cleaner running engine. Contains no phosphorus. Will not void manufacturers' warranties!

Catalog Number Item Name
11462Snowmobile 2 Cycle Oil / qt.
11590TC-W3 Outboard Motor Oil / pt.
11591TC-W3 Outboard Motor Oil / qt.
11592TC-W3 Outboard Motor Oil / gal.
2-Cycle Oil

2-Cycle Oil

Formulated to improve performance, extend engine life and reduce plug fouling. Provides excellent wear protection and high temperature performance.

Catalog Number Item Name
11524E-Z 2-Cycle Oil / 3.2 oz. bottle / Lawn & Garden
11525Two-Cycle Oil / 8 oz.
11527Two-Cycle Oil / qt.
Gear Lube

Gear Lube

Formulated with EP additives to exceed most extreme performance requirements.

Catalog Number Item Name
1150080W90 EP Gear Oil / qt.
1150585W140 EP Gear Oil / qt.
1150780W90 EP Gear Oil / gal.
Did You Know?

Copperhead Brake Lines

Copper-nickel is 40 to 50 percent more expensive than a PVF line. It also cuts labor time in half.

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