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Inflator Gauges

Professionals and DIYers everywhere rely on the quality of Amflo®, Camel® and Tru-Flate® tire gauges, blow guns, tire hardware & air line hoses, reels, chucks, couplers, plugs, regulators, tire repair and tire hardware.

Inflator Gauges

Inflator Gauges

A full line of bayonet and window style inflator gauges.

Catalog Number Item Name
150LW-50Bulk, Inflator Gauge, Body Only
101-50Bulk, Inflator Gauge, HD, Swivel Dual Foot Chuck
150-50Bulk, Inflator Gauge, Straight-On, 10-90 PSI
17-707-07Bulk: Body, For 17-850 Series
17-850-07Bulk: Inflator Gauge, Dual Foot Chuck
153Dial Bar, Inflator Gauge, For 150 Series
135DGGauge, Dial, Replacement for 135
113Hose Assembly w/Dual Foot Chuck, 12"
17-708Hose Assembly w/Straight Chuck, 12"
112Hose Assembly w/Straight-On Chuck, 12"
17-863Inflator Gauge, Bayonet, Dual Foot
17-862Inflator Gauge, Bayonet, Straight-On
17-865Inflator Gauge, Bayonet, Straight-On
17-855Inflator Gauge, Clip-On Chuck
135Inflator Gauge, Dial Gauge, 0-160 PSI
17-850Inflator Gauge, Dual Foot Chuck
156Inflator Gauge, European Chuck, 10-90 PSI
100LWInflator Gauge, HD, Body Only
100DInflator Gauge, HD, Straight-On Chuck
100Inflator Gauge, HD, Straight-On Chuck
101DInflator Gauge, HD, Swivel Dual Foot Chuck
17-851Inflator Gauge, Straight-On Chuck
150Inflator Gauge, Straight-On, 10-90 PSI
17-860Inflator Gauge, w/Bleeder Valve & 36" Hose
17-870Inflator Gauge, w/Bleeder Valve & 72" Hose
3912MastAir Inflator w/ 1/4" MNPT Fitting
3910SMastAir Standard Bore Inflating Gauge
100-16Replacement Inflator Gauge Chuck Nut
163Replacement Inflator Gauge Valve
97-331Sight Glass for Inflator Gauges
97-329Standard Gauging Cartridge
17-893Valve Assembly, Inflator Gauge
17-712Inflator Gauge, 12" hose, Dual Foot, & Adapters
101Inflator Gauge, HD, Straight-On Chuck, boxed
17-866Inflator Guage, w/ 18 Degree Dual-Foot Chuck
101HDInflator Gauge, Heavy Duty, Straight-On Chuck
17-877Digital Inflator Gauge
17-879Digital Tire Inflator
101TFHeavy Duty Inflator Gauge
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