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Valve Stems

Professionals and DIYers everywhere rely on the quality of Amflo®, Camel® and Tru-Flate® tire gauges, blow guns, tire hardware & air line hoses, reels, chucks, couplers, plugs, regulators, tire repair and tire hardware.

Valve Stems

Valve Stems

Includes snap-in and clamp-in valves for automotive, truck and bus use.

Catalog Number Item Name
30-136Chrome Snap-In Valve, TR413
30-316-4Chrome Valve Sleeves, TR413
30-318-4Chrome Valve Sleeves, TR418
30-412-2Snap-In Valve, TR412
30-412-50Snap-In Valve, TR412
30-412-500Bulk: Snap-In Valve, TR412
30-413-10Snap-In Valve, TR413
30-413-2Snap-In Valve, TR413
30-413-50Snap-In Valve, TR413
30-413-500Bulk: Snap-In Valve, TR413
30-414-10Snap-In Valve, TR414
30-414-2Snap-In Valve, TR414
30-414-50Snap-In Valve, TR414
30-414-500Bulk: Snap-In Valve, TR414
30-415-10Snap-In Valve, TR415
30-415-2Snap-In Valve, TR415
30-415-50Snap-In Valve, TR415
30-415-500Bulk: Snap-In Valve, TR415
30-418-10Snap-In Valve, TR418
30-418-2Snap-In Valve, TR418
30-418-50Snap-In Valve, TR418
30-418-500Bulk: Snap-In Valve, TR418
30-423-10Snap-In Valve, TR423
30-423-4Snap-In Valve, TR423
30-423-50Snap-In Valve, TR423
30-425-10Snap-In Valve, TR425
30-425-4Snap-In Valve, TR425
30-425-50Snap-In Valve, TR425
30-430-10Clamp-In Motorcycle Valve
30-445High Performance Tire Valve
30-461-50Clamp-In Tubeless Tire Valve
30-463Clamp-In Tubeless Tire Valve
30-463-50Clamp-In Tubeless Tire Valve (Camel)
30-463-500Bulk: Clamp-In Tubeless Tire Valve
30-472-5Clamp-In Tire Valve, TR417
30-600-10Snap-In Valve, TR600HP
30-600-50Snap-In Valve, TR600HP 30-600-50
30-602-50Snap-In Valve, TR602HP
31-013-5Tube Type Valve, TR13
31-336-100Bulk: Rim Hole Bushing
32-200-10Clamp-In Valve, TR500
32-201-10Clamp-In Valve, TR570
32-202-10Clamp-In Valve, TR571
32-203-10Clamp-In Valve, TR572
32-203-100Bulk: Clamp-In Valve, TR572
32-204-10Clamp-In Valve, TR573
32-204-100Bulk: Clamp-In Valve, TR573
32-205-10Clamp-In Valve, TR501
32-208-50Clamp-In Valve, TR574
32-543-10Tubeless Truck Valve, TR543D
32-547-10Tubeless Truck Valve, TR545D
32-608-10Import Truck Tubeless Valve, V3-20-4
34-221-5Tubeless Tractor Valve, TR618A
34-282-25Plastic Rim Nut
34-963-10Core Housing, TR-CH-3
37-080Large Bore Valve Adapter, Female
37-096Large Bore Valve Adapter, Male, TR AD-1
38-313-250Bulk: Double Sealing Extension
38-313-50Double Sealing Extension
38-314-4Valve Extension, 3/4"
38-314-50Bulk: Valve Extension, 3/4"
38-315-4Valve Extension, 1 1/4"
38-315-50Bulk: Valve Extension, 1-1/4"
38-324-4Plastic Valve Extension, 3/4"
38-324-50Plastic Valve Extension, 3/4"
38-325-4Plastic Valve Extension, 1 1/4"
38-325-50Plastic Valve Extension, 1 1/4"
38-326-4Plastic Valve Extension, 1 1/2"
38-326-50Plastic Valve Extension, 1 1/2"
38-400Dual Wheel Valve Extension
38-430-10Truck Extension, 3 1/16"
38-432-10Truck Extension, 6 1/16"
38-436-10Truck Extension, 5 1/16"
38-476-10Truck Extension, 2-7/32"
38-477-10Truck Extension, 3-1/8"
38-478-10Truck Extension, 4-1/8"
38-483-10Bent Metal Extension, 95 Degree
38-505Plastic Valve Cap, VC8
38-505-100Plastic Valve Cap, VC8, Bulk
38-505-500Bulk: Plastic Valve Cap, VC8
38-600-4Screwdriver Type Valve Cap, VC2
38-712-100Bulk: Hex Valve Cap
38-712-4Hex Valve Cap
38-714-100Bulk: Hex Valve Cap, Yellow
38-772-100Bulk: Dome Type Valve Cap, VC3
38-772-4Dome Type Valve Cap, VC3
38-772B-1000Bulk: Dome Type Valve Cap, VC3
38-790-100Bulk: Valve Core, C-1
38-790-1000Bulk: Valve Core, C-1
38-790-4Valve Core, C-1
38-805-100Bulk: Aircraft Shock Srut Valve Core
38-810-100Bulk: Hydraulic Accumulator Valve Core
38-825-100Bulk: Airplane Valve Core, TRC-4
38-830-100Bulk: General Purpose Valve Core, TRC-1
38-900Tank Valve, 1/8" MNPT
38-900-10Tank Valve, 1/8" MNPT
38-750-100Bulk: Heavy Duty Valve Cap
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