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Air Brake Fittings

Nylon Tubing Air Brake Fittings meet D.O.T. FMVSS571.106 air brake specifications. Use with S.A.E. J844 type A and B nylon tubing.

Detachable air brake fittings are designed for use on truck and bus compressed air brake systems. Meets S.A.E. J1402C (formerly Type B) and D.O.T. FMVSS-106 specifications.

Air Tank Drain Valve
Catalog Number Item NameMale Pipe Thread
930040Air Tank Drain Valve1/4"
One Way Check Valve
Catalog Number Item NameMale Pipe Thread
930280One Way Check Valve1/2"
Glad Hands
Catalog Number Item Name
931100Glad Hands - Service
931200Glad Hands - Emergency
931300Glad Hands - Universal
Gladhand Seal
Catalog Number Item Name
935000Gladhand Seal
Connector with Spring Guard
Catalog Number Item NameInside DiameterMale Pipe Thread
936864Connector with Spring Guard3/8"1/4"
936866Connector with Spring Guard3/8"3/8"
936868Connector with Spring Guard3/8"1/2"
936886Connector with Spring Guard1/2"3/8"
936888Connector with Spring Guard1/2"1/2"
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