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Double Compression Fittings

Double compression fittings are manufactured for low pressure applications and have fair vibration resistance. Assembly requires no flaring, allowing quick installation and removal of fittings. To assemble, insert tubing through nut into body of the fitting, as far as shoulder permits. Hand tighten as far as possible, then tighten with wrench 1 1/2 turns. The sleeve end of the nut is wedged in the tapered seat of the body, biting into the tubing, forming a liquid tight seal.

Nut - Dbl Compression
Catalog Number Item NameTube Size
Male Connector - Dbl Compression
Catalog Number Item NameTube SizePipe Thread
112220Male Connector1/8"1/8"
112320Male Connector3/16"1/8"
112420Male Connector1/4"1/8"
112520Male Connector5/16"1/8"
112640Male Connector3/8"1/4"
Male Elbow - Dbl Compression
Catalog Number Item NameTube SizePipe Thread
115220Male Elbow1/8"1/8"
115320Male Elbow3/16"1/8"
115420Male Elbow1/4"1/8"
Did You Know?

Air Pressure

The At-Hand™ regulator allows you to adjust air pressure at the tool without going back to the compressor.

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