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Kink Resistant. Corrosion Resistant. PVF Coating.

PVF Brake Lines

Superior Protection

Polyvinyl Flouride is a chemical top-coat applied to a brake line that provides superior protection against caustic elements found in salt spray coastal environments and on roads during winter months. A thermoplastic fluoropolymer, PVF makes the brake line highly resistant to chemicals and weather.

Strong and Safe

PVF provides the protection you need against the environment and chipping from road debris without sacrificing ease in bending brake lines. No kinking or damage to PVF coating will result from bending.

What You Need

Available in all popular domestic and import sizes and lengths, Rhino Hide® has the PVF brake line for your job!


PVF-1        Wall Rack w/Product (8" - 30" Lines)

7600050    Wall Rack only (8" - 30" Lines)

PVF-2        Wall Rack w/Product (40" - 72" Lines)

7600051    Wall Rack only (40" - 72" Lines)

7600045    Adapter Line Rack only

Copper-Nickel Alloy Brake Lines

Superior Protection

Copperhead® is a seamless copper-nickel alloy known as C70600. This material is superior to steel or coated brake lines as it is inherently corrosion resistant. It's great stuff but don't just trust us, check out:

Strong and Bends by Hand

Copperhead will bend by hand and is kink resistant allowing the installer to easily maneuver it into position which cannot be done with conventional steel tubing. The material has yield and tensile strength similar to steel but its malleability cuts a brake job in half!

S.A.E. and I.S.O. Approved

Our lines meet SAE standard J1047, J1677 and ISO 4038, meeting all US and international requirements for brake tubing.

What You Need

Nothing compares to Copperhead for reliability, strength and ease of installation. Available in all popular domestic and import sizes, Copperhead has the brake line for your job!


7600049        Wall Rack only (8" - 30" Lines)

7600052        Wall Rack only (8" - 30" Lines)

7600053        Wall Rack only (8" - 30" Lines)


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