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Filters, Regulators, Lubricators

Professionals and DIYers everywhere rely on the quality of Amflo® and Tru-Flate® couplers, plugs, inflator gauges, blowguns, chucks, air line fittings, and regulators.

In-Line Air Tools

In-Line Air Tools

In-Line Air Tools attached directly to your pneumatic tool to make adjustments easier and saves time.

Catalog Number Item Name
41-101In-Line Tool Oiler
41-135Airline Regulator w/Gauge
41-143At-Hand Low Pressure Regulator
41-145At-Hand Regulator
1200Amflo In-line Air Regulator
21121/4" In-Line Regulator 90 PSI, Tamper Proof
21131/4" In-Line Regulator 100 PSI, Tamper Proof
21141/4" In-Line Regulator 110 PSI, Tamper Proof
41-150In-Line Tool Filter
41-103Air Line Desiccant Filter Dryer
Filters, Regulators, Lubricators

Filters, Regulators, Lubricators

High quality FRL's to clean and regulate air lines and lubricate pneumatic tools.

Catalog Number Item Name
24-243Filter/Regulator, Mini, 1/4", w/Gauge
24-244Filter/Regulator, Mini, 1/4" w/Gauge
24-201Filter/Regulator, 1/4", w/Gauge
24-211Filter/Regulator, 3/8", w/Gauge
24-221Filter/Regulator, 1/2", w/Gauge
24-222Filter/Regulator, 1/2" w/Gauge
24-231Filter/Regulator, 3/4", w/Gauge
24-343Filter, Mini, 1/4", Manual
24-301Filter, Compact, 1/4", Manual
4783Bowl O-Ring, 1/2"
4161Panel Nut, Mini
4773Panel Mount Nut, Zinc
4778Panel Nut, 3/8"
4282Adjustment Dome, Oil Fog Lubricators
3162Mounting Bracket, 3/8"
4071A-99Mounting Bracket; 3/8"
4160Mounting Bracket, Mini
4165Mounting Bracket, 1"
4760Universal Wall Bracket for Compact Series
24-311Filter, Compact, 3/8", Manual
4772Universal Wall Bracket for 1/2" Modular Series
4769Quick Clamp for 1/2" Modular Series
4771Quick Clamp with Wall Bracket for 1/2" Modular Series
41-155Regulator w/Gauge, 1/4 NPT
24-321Filter, Standard, 1/2", Manual
24-322Filter, Standard, 1/2", Automatic
24-331Filter, Standard, 3/4", Manual
24-351Filter, Hi-Flow, 1", Manual
24-444Regulator, Mini, 1/4", w/Gauge
24-404Regulator, Compact, 1/4", w/Gauge
24-414Regulator, Compact, 3/8", w/Gauge
24-424Regulator, Standard, 1/2", w/Gauge
24-434Regulator, Standard, 3/4", w/Gauge
24-454Regulator, Hi-Flow, 1", w/Gauge
24-542Lubricator, Mini 1/4"
24-501Lubricator, Compact, 1/4"
24-511Lubricator, Compact, 3/8"
24-521Lubricator, Standard, 1/2"
24-531Lubricator, Standard, 3/4"
24-551Lubricator, Hi-Flow, 1"
24-801Air Line Gauge, 0-200 PSI, 1/8" NPT
24-803Air Line Gauge, 0-160 PSI, 1/4" NPT
24-807Air Line Gauge, 0-160 PSI, 1/4" NPT
24-811Air Line Gauge, 0-300 PSI, 1/4" NPT
24-804Air Line Gauge, 0-300 PSI, 1/4" NPT
24-932Filter Element Kit, Compact, 40 Micron
24-939Filter Element Kit, Standard, 40 Micron
24-930Filter Element Kit, Hi-Flow, 40 Micron
24-943Filter Element Kit, Standard, 20 SCFM
24-901Polycarbonate Bowl, Compact
24-902Polycarbonate Bowl, Standard
24-903Metal Bowl, Compact
24-910Metal Bowl, Standard
24-912Bowl Guard Kit, Standard
24-920Automatic Drain Kit
24-950Mini Mounting Bracket
24-956Mounting Bracket, Compact
24-957Mounting Bracket, Standard
24-955Mounting Bracket, Standard
24-958Mounting Bracket, Hi-Flow
4300Mini Filter/Regulator
4310A-99Filter/Regulator, 3/8" w/ 1/4" Port
4320A-99Filter/Regulator, 3/8" w/ 3/8" Port
4330Filter/Regulator, 1/2" w/ 1/2" Port
4331Filter/Regulator, 1/2" w/ 1/2" Port, Metal Bowl
4340Filter/Regulator, 1/2" w/ 3/4" Port
4341Filter/Regulator, 1/2" w/ 3/4" Port, Metal Bowl
4010A-99Filter, 3/8" w/ 1/4" Port
4011A-99Filter, 3/8" w/ 1/4" Port, Metal Bowl
4020A-99Filter, 3/8" w/ 3/8" Port
4030Filter, 1/2" w/ 1/2" Port
4031Filter, 1/2" w/ 1/2" Port, Metal Bowl
4032Filter, 1/2" w/ 3/4" Port
4040Filter, 1/2" w/ 3/4" Port, Metal Bowl
4041Filter, Hi-Flow w/ 3/4" Port, Metal Bowl
4050Filter, Hi-Flow w/ 1" Port, Metal Bowl
4100Mini Regulator, 1/4"
4100DRegulator, Mini, 1/4"
4115A-99Regulator, 3/8" w/ 1/4" Port
4125A-99Regulator, 3/8" w/ 3/8" Port
4135Regulator, 1/2" w/ 1/2" Port
4145Regulator, 1/2" w/ 3/4" Port
4141Regulator, 1" w/ 3/4" Port
4155Regulator, 1" w/ 1" Port
4215A-99Lubricator, 3/8" Micro Fog w/ 1/4" Port
4235Lubricator, 1/2" Micro Fog w/ 1/2" Port
4210A-99Lubricator, 3/8" w/ 1/4" Port
4211A-99Lubricator, 3/8" w/ 1/4" Port, Metal Bowl
4220A-99Lubricator, 3/8" w/ 3/8" Port
4230Lubricator, 1/2" w/ 1/2" Port
4241Lubricator, 1/2" w/ 3/4" Port, Metal Bowl
4431FRL Combo Unit, 1/2" w/ 1/2" Port, Metal Bowl
1012-15Dial Gauge, 0-15 PSI, 1/4", BTM Mount
1012-160Dial Gauge, 0-160 PSI, 1/4", (1012-160)
1101-60Dial Gauge, 0-60 PSI, 1/8", Back Mount
1101-160Dial Gauge, 0-160 PSI, 1/8", Back Mount
1112-160D-RETDial Gauge, 0-160 PSI, 1/4", Back Mount
1112-300Dial Gauge, 0-300 PSI, 1/4", Back Mount
3063Filter Element Kit, 3/8", 5 Micron
4093Filter Element Kit, 1/2", 40 Micron
4068Filter Element Kit, 1", 40 Micron
4060Automatic Drain
4070Automatic Drain, 3/8"
4096Manual Drain Kit
4085Manual Drain Repair Kit, T-Handle Type
4776Regulator Repair Kit, 1/2"
4074A-99Poly Bowl, 3/8"
4095Poly Bowl, 1/2"
4264Poly Bowl, Mini
4265A-993/8" Poly Bowl, For Lubricator
4270A-99Metal Bowl
4780Bowl O-Ring, Mini
4782Bowl O-Ring, 3/8"
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Air Hose

Polyurethane is the lightest weight air hose.

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