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Funnels, Fillers, and Measures

For more than 50 years, Plews and LubriMatic have been developing and distributing superior lubrication products to the industrial, hardware, marine, automotive and agricultural markets.

Funnels, Fillers & Measures

Funnels, Fillers & Measures

Plews LubriMatic® offers a wide variety of plastic and galvanized steel funnels, fillers, and drain pans for efficient, safe fluid handling and lift drains in 5 and 16 gallon sizes. Dozens of uses around the garage, workshop, or home.

Catalog Number Item Name
75-017Funnel, Galvanized, 4 quart
75-001Funnel, Galvanized, 1 Quart
75-002Funnel, Galvanized, Offset, 5 Quart
75-003Funnel, Galvanized, 2 Quart
75-004Funnel, Galvanized, Tractor With Screen, 8 Quart
75-005Funnel, Transmission With Screen, 2 Quart
75-006Funnel, Transmission With Screen & Extension, 2 Quart
75-007Funnel, Utility With Screen, 24 Ounces
75-008Funnel, Galvanized, Tractor Lock-On With Screen, 8 Quart
75-009Funnel, Tin Coated, 10oz.
75-010Funnel, Tin Coated, 24oz.
75-011Funnel, Tin Coated, 32oz.
75-012Funnel, Tin Coated, 56oz.
75-025Filler, Radiator, 3 Gallon
75-030Filler, Battery, Professional, 2 Quart
75-033Filler, Battery, Syringe, Visual Pack, 6oz.
75-060Funnel, Plastic, 8oz.
75-062Funnel, Plastic, 16oz.
75-064Funnel, Plastic, 48oz.
75-068Funnel, Super
75-069Funnel, Plastic, 1 Pint
75-070Funnel, Plastic, 2 Quart
75-072Funnel, Plastic, 6 Quart
75-074Funnel, Multi-Purpose, Flexible
75-075Funnel, Plastic, 3 Piece Set
75-101Funnel, Economy, 8oz.
75-441Measure, Galvanized, Flexible, 1 Quart
75-442Measure, Galvanized, Flexible, 2 Quart
75-444Measure, Galvanized, Flexible, 4 Quart
75-452Measure, Plastic, 2 Quart
75-454Measure, Plastic, 4 Quart
75-456Measure, Plastic, 6 Quart
75-662Measure, Painted, Flexible, 2 Quart
75-664Measure, Painted, Flexible, 4 Quart
75-665Measure, Painted, Flexible, 5 Quart
75-668Measure, Painted, Flexible, 8 Quart
75-754Test Tank, Tire & Tube
75-847Siphon Hose
99-038Replacement Tip, Battery Filler
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Universal couplers fit all three major plug designs: Tru-Flate (Automotive), Milton (Industrial) and ARO.

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