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Grease Fittings

Used for all types of automotive applications. All fittings are plated to resist corrosion. Fittings are case hardened for extended performance and furnished with ball check unless otherwise noted.

Grease Fittings 1/8" Pipe Thread

Grease Fittings 1/8" Pipe Thread

Maximum pressure: 10,000 PSI.

Catalog Number Item NameLength
600000Grease Fittings 1/8" Pipe Thread43/64"
601000Grease Fittings 1/8" Pipe Thread1 13/64"
604000Grease Fittings 1/8" Pipe Thread1 3/32"
605000Grease Fittings 1/8" Pipe Thread1 3/64"
606000Grease Fittings 1/8" Pipe Thread29/32"
607000Grease Fittings 1/8" Pipe Thread27/32"
Grease Fittings 1/4"-28 Thread

Grease Fittings 1/4"-28 Thread

Maximum pressure: 10,000 PSI.

Catalog Number Item NameLength
608000Grease Fittings 1/4"-28 Thread31/32"
609000Grease Fittings 1/4"-28 Thread9/16"
610000Grease Fittings 1/4"-28 Thread23/32"
611000Grease Fittings 1/4"-28 Thread1 1/2"
612000Grease Fittings 1/4"-28 Thread61/64"
613000Grease Fittings 1/4"-28 Thread49/64"
Grease Fittings Drive Type

Grease Fittings Drive Type

Maximum pressure: 1,000 PSI.

Catalog Number Item NameLengthDiameter
611448Grease Fittings Drive Type9/16"-
615000Grease Fittings Drive Type35/64"5/16"
617000Grease Fittings Drive Type13/32"-
669000Grease Fittings Drive Type37/64"-
671000Grease Fittings Drive Type35/64"-
Grease Fittings 1/4" Pipe Thread

Grease Fittings 1/4" Pipe Thread

Maximum pressure: 10,000 PSI.

Catalog Number Item NameLength
626000Grease Fittings 1/4" Pipe Thread31/32"
628000Grease Fittings 1/4" Pipe Thread1 9/64"
Grease Fittings Metric Thread
Catalog Number Item NameThread SizeLength
680000Grease Fittings Metric Thread6-1.0MM12.8MM
681000Grease Fittings Metric Thread6-1.0MM16.5MM
682000Grease Fittings Metric Thread6-1.0MM15.5MM
683000Grease Fittings Metric Thread8-1.0MM16.3MM
684000Grease Fittings Metric Thread8-1.0MM24.1MM
685000Grease Fittings Metric Thread8-1.0MM15.3MM
686000Grease Fittings Metric Thread10-1.0MM15.5MM
687000Grease Fittings Metric Thread10-1.0MM26.9MM
688000Grease Fittings Metric Thread10-1.0MM19.7MM
Grease Fittings Miscellaneous
Catalog Number Item NameLength
623000Grease Fittings Miscellaneous11/16"
624000Grease Fittings Miscellaneous1 1/2"
Did You Know?

Vehicle Safety

Tire injuries over 1/4" in diameter should never be repaired and a new tire is required.

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