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Grease Guns

For more than 50 years, Plews and LubriMatic have been developing and distributing superior lubrication products to the industrial, hardware, marine, automotive and agricultural markets.

Grease Guns

Grease Guns

Meet the toughest grease guns around. Plews/LubriMatic grease guns are constructed of heavy duty steel and finished in rugged baked enamel or tough zinc plate.

Catalog Number Item Name
30-132Grease Gun Kit, Mini, Multi-Purpose Grease w/Pipe
30-193Grease Gun, HD Mini, No Grease, Bulk (25)
30-203Standard Duty Lever Grease Gun with Speed Threads
30-303Standard Duty Pistol Grease Gun with Speed Threads
30-480Grease Gun, Lever, Ultimate®, Variable, Hi-Volume
30-800Mini Grease Gun
30-802Heavy Duty Lever Grease Gun with Speed Threads
30-804Dual Piston Lever Grease Gun
30-806SnapLock Lever Grease Gun
30-807SnapLock Pistol Grease Gun
30-001Grease Gun Kit, HD Mini, 3 oz. UltraLube Multi-Purpose Grease
30-100Grease Gun, Mini, Economy
30-114Grease Gun, Air Operated, Continuous Flow
30-118Gun, Suction
30-132-07Grease Gun, Mini, w/Pipe, Bulk
30-190Grease Gun Kit, HD Mini, Marine Grease
30-192Grease Gun Kit, HD Mini, Multi-Purpose Grease
30-195Grease Gun, Jiffy Luber, w/Push Type Adapter
30-197Grease Gun, Handi-Grip Pistol Luber, w/Hose
30-200Grease Gun, Lever, Standard Duty, w/Pipe
30-300Grease Gun, Pistol, Standard Duty, w/Pipe
30-310Grease Gun, Pistol, Standard Duty, w/Pipe & 12" Flex Hose
30-416Grease Gun, HD Pistol, Variable, w/18" Hose
30-449Grease Gun, Lever, General Purpose, w/Pipe, Bagged
30-465Grease Gun, Industrial Lever, Variable, Plated, w/Pipe
30-475Grease Gun, Professional Lever, Variable, w/Pipe
30-700UltraView Lever Action Grease Gun
30-720UltraView Pistol Grease Gun
30-740UltraView Suction Gun
Battery Operated Grease Guns
Catalog Number Item Name
30-60112-volt Battery Operated Grease Gun Kit
30-73018v Cordless Grease Gun
BOGG Replacement Parts
Catalog Number Item Name
30-60212V Battery Replacement for 30-601
30-60312V Charger Replacement for 30-601
30-610Battery, 18V Replacement 30-730
30-611Charger, 18V Replacement 30-730
30-612Flex Hose, 42" Replacement 30-730
30-613Barrel & Plunger Assembly, Replacement 30-730
30-616Plastic Housing, Replacement 30-730
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Proper tire pressure assures maximum vehicle handling and stability.

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