Labor Claim Request

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Claim Information
Submit claim for to receive RGA Number before shipping unit to Plews & Edelmann.  Claim must include completed form, original purchase receipt including date, original service repair order with parts and labor bill and alleged failed part.  See below for return shipping instructions.

Acceptance or payment of the claim does not indicate failure was the fault of the manufacturer or distributor.

* Labor reimbrusement is limited to maximum labor reimbursement of $60/hr

I hereby certify that the information on this claim is true and correct and that I have all required documents to be submitted with the product.

To be eligible for labor reimbursement:

Hard parts must be returned within 100 years or 1,000,000 miles from the date of purchase, whichever comes first. 

See full hard parts warranty:  Edelmann Elite Warranty

All other products, see our standard warranty:  Plews & Edelmann Standard Warranty:


The unit must be shipped freight paid. Shipping charges will be reimbursed if the unit is found to be defective.


The unit must be shipped freight paid. Shipping charges will be reimbursed if the unit is found to be defective.


Prepare the unit and all paperwork for return to Plews.  Keep a copy of all documentation and tracking number for shipment. Include the following:
                    Completed Labor Claim Request Form LC-01
                    Original receipt of purchase
                    Original service repair order, must include parts and labor bill
                    Unit bagged or wrapped to protect from leaking and tagged with RGA#


Only units with an assigned Plews RGA # will be accepted. Cut out the label below, mark with RGA # and securely attach to shipping carton.

      *Claims will be honored if the unit meets the above requirements and is found to be defective in material or workmanship.
    **Claims which are incomplete or contain fluid soaked paperwork will be returned or issued credit at the discretion of Plews.
  ***Credit will be issued based on our labor reimbursement policy for the product. Allow 4-6 weeks for processing.
****Any unit found to be defective will not be returned and will be the property of Plews.