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Containers and Lift Drains


Containers and Lift Drains
Catalog Number Item Name
75-750Drain Pan, Galvanized, Radiator, 8 Gallon
75-751Drain Pan, Galvanized, Utility, 3-1/2 Gallon
75-755Pan, Drip, Galvanized
75-760Pan, Drain, Plastic, 6 Quart
75-762Pan, Drain, Plastic, 4 Gallon
75-825Water Pail, Galvanized, 12 Quart
75-835Oil Lift Drain
75-836Pan, Transmission Adapter
75-837Lift Drain, 5 Gallon
75-837-02Tube & Funnel, Lift Drain, 5 Gallon
75-838Dolly, Lift Drain, Cross Frame Style
75-850Lift Drain, Plastic, 8 Gallon
75-853Replacement tube & funnel assembly
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