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Grease Gun Accessories

For more than 50 years, Plews and LubriMatic have been developing and distributing superior lubrication products to the industrial, hardware, marine, automotive and agricultural markets.

Grease Gun Accessories

Grease Gun Accessories

Plews/LubriMatic grease fittings are precision engineered to withstand the rugged use of most automotive, farm and industrial applications.

Catalog Number Item Name
05-031Coupler, Hydraulic
05-0607 Piece Grease Gun Accessory Kit
05-019Adapter, Needle Nose, Narrow Professional
05-025Adapter, Needle Nose, 4"
05-028Coupler, Hydraulic, Bulk (10)
05-030Coupler, Hydraulic, Bulk (100)
05-034Coupler, Hydraulic, Heavy Duty, Bulk (10)
05-035Coupler, Hydraulic, HD
05-036Coupler, Air Operated
05-037Needle, Grease Injector
05-038Coupler, Air Operated, Bulk (25)
05-039Valve, Air Bleeder
05-041Adapter, Seal-Off
05-042Adapter, Needle Tip
05-045Dispenser, Needle Nose
05-047Fitting, Bulk Loader, Grease Gun, .596"
05-048Coupler, Button Head, 5/8"
05-049Coupler, Button Head, 7/8"
05-050Coupler, 180 Degree Swivel
05-052Swivel, 360 Degree, Air Operated
05-057Coupler, 360 Degree Swivel
05-058Coupler, 90 Degree with Hex Head
05-059Coupler, 90 Degree Swivel
05-061Pipe, Grease, Curved 5-3/8"
10-200Flex Hose, Economy, 12"
10-201Flex Hose, 18"
10-212Flex Hose, 12"
10-214Flex Hose, 12", Bulk (10)
10-218Flex Hose, 18" Bulk (10)
10-21918" Flex Hose
10-514Flex Hose, Air Operated System, 18"
10-536Flexible Grease Hose, 36"
30-111-07Flex Hose, HD, 6", Bulk
30-750UltraView Clear Tube with Red Ends
30-751UltraView Clear Tube with Green Ends
30-752UltraView Clear Tube with Gold Ends
30-753UltraView Clear Tube with Black Ends
30-754UltraView Clear Tube with Blue Ends
30-755UltraView Clear Tube with Silver Ends
30-756UltraView Clear Tube with Purple Ends
30-760Grease Fitting Washers, Red
30-761Grease Fitting Washers, Green
70-025Packer, Wheel Bearing, Deluxe
70-901Holder, Grease Gun
70-902Holder, Grease Gun, Bulk (25)
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Tire Safety

The new minimum safety standard for tread depth is 3/32", the equivalent of seeing George Washington's complete head when inserting a quarter upside down in a tread.

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