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Needle Valves

Manufactured with metal to metal seats and fine thread screw down. This enables positive sealing as well as precise adjustments to hold any amount of flow-up to valve capacity. Valves should always be installed with pressure against seat.

Compression Angle Needle Valve 90°
Catalog Number Item NameTube SizePipe Thread
501420Compression Angle Needle Valve 90°1/4"1/8"
502520Compression Angle Needle Valve 90°5/16"1/8"
Compression Straightway Needle Valve
Catalog Number Item NameTube SizePipe Thread
505420Compression Straightway Needle Valve1/4"1/8"
506520Compression Straightway Needle Valve5/16"1/8"
Compression Double Needle Valve Straightway
Catalog Number Item NameTube Size
520400Compression Double Needle Valve Straightway1/4"
521500Compression Double Needle Valve Straightway5/16"
Pipe Straightway
Catalog Number Item NameTube Size
548220Pipe Straightway1/8"
549440Pipe Straightway1/4"
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