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Tru-Flate HI FLO® Aluminum Couplers & Plugs

Tru-Flate HI FLO® Aluminum Couplers & Plugs

Unleash the full power of air with HI FLO® Couplers and Plugs allowing 70+ CFM to your tools.

Catalog Number Item Name
12-924Hi Flo Plug, 1/4" MNPT, Bulk
12-925Hi Flo Plug, 1/4" MNPT
12-934Hi Flo Plug, 1/4" FNPT, Bulk
12-935Hi Flo Plug, 1/4" FNPT
13-924Hi Flo Coupler, 1/4" MNPT, Bulk
13-925Hi Flo Coupler, 1/4" MNPT
13-934Hi Flo Coupler, 1/4" FNPT, Bulk
13-935Hi Flo Coupler, 1/4" FNPT
13-903Hi Flo 4 Pc. Kit
13-907Hi Flo 10 Pc. Kit
Tru-Match™ Couplers & Plugs

Tru-Match™ Couplers & Plugs

Never guess about what connection your couplers and plugs are. With Tru-Match color coding system, you will always know what fits.

Catalog Number Item Name
12-224RTru-Match Plug, Red, 1/4" MNPT
12-234RTru-Match Plug, Red, 1/4" FNPT
13-224RTru-Match Coupler, Red, 1/4" MNPT
13-234RTru-Match Coupler, Red, 1/4" FNPT
13-207RTru-Match 3 Pc. Kit, Red
13-209RTru-Match 7 Pc. Kit, Red
13-211RTru-Match 14 Pc. Kit, Red
12-124BTru-Match Plug, Orange, 1/4" MNPT
12-134BTru-Match Plug, Orange, 1/4" FNPT
13-124BTru-Match Coupler, Orange, 1/4" MNPT
13-134BTru-Match Coupler, Orange, 1/4" FNPT
13-107BTru-Match 3 Pc. Kit, Orange
13-109BTru-Match 7 Pc. Kit, Orange
13-111BTru-Match 14 Pc. Kit, Orange
12-324GTru-Match Plug, Green, 1/4" MNPT
12-334GTru-Match Plug, Green, 1/4" FNPT
13-324GTru-Match Coupler, Green, 1/4" MNPT
13-334GTru-Match Coupler, Green, 1/4" FNPT
13-307GTru-Match 3 Pc. Kit, Green
13-309GTru-Match 7 Pc. Kit, Green
13-311GTru-Match 14 Pc. Kit, Green
HI FLO™ Blowguns

HI FLO™ Blowguns

Tru-Flate Hi Flo™ Blowguns combine ergonomics with power for an enhanced experience.

Catalog Number Item Name
18-607F1 Series, 2 Pc. Kit
18-611F1 Series, 3 Pc. Kit
18-609F1 Series, 5 Pc. Kit
18-623F1 Series, 7 Pc. Kit
18-613F1 Series, 10 Pc. Kit
18-608F3 Series, 2 Pc. Kit
18-612F3 Series, 3 Pc. Kit
HI FLO™ Blowgun Modular Accessories

HI FLO™ Blowgun Modular Accessories

Modular Accessories require no tools to utilize making it easier to modify to suit your needs on the job.

Catalog Number Item Name
18-615Tri-Thrust Tip
18-617Chip Shield
18-62112" Extensions
41-155 - 1/4" Regulator and Gauge

41-155 - 1/4" Regulator and Gauge

Regulates air pressure from compressor to match the recommended air pressure required by air tools. 1/4" NPT, install at any angle, 200 PSI Gauge.

TruSeal® Tire Sealant

TruSeal® Tire Sealant

The new TruSeal® tire sealant pumps sealant into tires but is a game changer with Valve-Through® technology. Using Valve-Through® technology, you no longer have to remove the valve core from the tire valve to pump in sealant. Works to seal up to a 1/4" puncture.

Catalog Number Item Name
12-07112 oz. Aerosol Sealant
12-07316 oz. Aerosol Sealant
12-07420 oz. Aerosol Sealant
12-0808 oz. Bottle Sealant
12-08116 oz. Bottle Sealant
12-08224 oz. Bottle Sealant
12-08332 oz. Bottle Sealant


Keep your tires properly inflated for maximum tire life and better MPG no matter where you are.

Catalog Number Item Name
16-225Premium Dial Inflator
16-230Top-Off Mini Inflator
16-235Deluxe Digital Inflator
16-237 PVF Adapter, 1/4" x 8"
16-240Rechargeable Heavy Duty Inflator
16-245Heavy Duty Digital Inflator
16-250Tankless Wall-Mount Inflator
17-883Manual Air Pump
Ultra PRO™ Retractable Air Hose Reels

Ultra PRO™ Retractable Air Hose Reels

UltraPRO™ Automatic Air Hose Reels feature impact resistant housing and guided returns. Spring-wound mechanism features an auto-locking brake and rewinds automatically. Can be wall or ceiling mounted.

Catalog Number Hose DiameterHose LengthWorking PressureFittings SizeHose ColorExtras
507HR-RET3/8"25'300 PSI1/4" NPTYellowHybrid Air Hose
508HR-RET3/8"50'300 PSI1/4" NPTYellowHybrid Air Hose
509HR-RET3/8"65'300 PSI1/4" NPTYellowHybrid Air Hose
518HR-RET1/2"50'300 PSI3/8" NPTYellowHybrid Air Hose
538HR-RET1/2"50'300 PSI3/8" NPTYellowHybrid Air Hose/ Enclosed
541HR-RET3/8"33'300 PSI1/4" NPTYellowHybrid Air Hose/ Enclosed
543HR-RET3/8"50'300 PSI1/4" NPTYellowHybrid Air Hose/ Enclosed
546HR-RET3/8"65'300 PSI1/4" NPTYellowHybrid Air Hose/ Built In Handle
ELECTRAREEL™ Enclosed Cord Reels

ELECTRAREEL™ Enclosed Cord Reels

Amflo enclosed cord reels feature high impact enclosed housing and 180° steel swivel mounting bracket. With their locking ratchet brake and automatic hose rewind system these cord reels are perfect for any consumer. Equipped with built-in resettable circuit breaker and lighted triple socket for easy power recognition and multi-tool use capabilities.

Catalog Number Cord LengthCord GaugeCord ColorExtras
590CR-RET40'12 AWGYellow3 Plug Lighted Socket
591CR-RET50'14 AWGYellow3 Plug Lighted Socket
Ultra PRO™ 2n1 Extension Cord & Hybrid Air Hose Reel

Ultra PRO™ 2n1 Extension Cord & Hybrid Air Hose Reel

The Amflo 2n1 steel reel combines an air hose and an electric cord operating as two independent self-retracting assemblies.

Catalog Number Hose DiameterCord GaugeHose/Cord LengthHose/Cord ColorFittings SizeExtras
603-2N1-RET3/8"14 AWG25' Hose/ 50' CordYellow1/4" MNPT3 Plug Lighted Socket, Bend Restrictors
Heavy Duty Rubber Air Hose

Heavy Duty Rubber Air Hose

Amflo Heavy Duty Rubber Hose is ideal for the most extreme applications where air hoses are needed. Its heavy duty construction is perfect when it must be dragged over concrete or rough surfaces. The heavy duty rubber offers very good cold weather flexibility and allows for easy coiling when finished. Sunlight and chemicals have little to no effect on this heavy duty hose making it perfect for garage, shop, industry, home and many other uses. Best of all, it’s Made in the USA! Temperature Range: -40°F to +210°F. Three year warranty.

Catalog Number Hose DiameterHose LengthWorking PressureHose ColorFittings SizeExtras
556-50A3/8"50'300 PSIBlack1/4" MNPTPremium Bend Restrictors
Lube Equipment

Lube Equipment

From improvements to innovations, Plews Inc. is dedicated to bringing our customers, markets and industry new products that will spark ingenuity in everything you do. From Automotive to Hardware to Industrial products, we’ll be there, leading the way. Thank you for choosing Plews & Edelmann for your new products.

Catalog Number Item Name
75-846Multi-Use Transfer Pump
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Most bearing failures are the result of grease cross-contamination.

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