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Repair Kits

Professionals and DIYers everywhere rely on the quality of Amflo® and Tru-Flate® tire gauges, blow guns, tire hardware & air line hoses, reels, chucks, couplers, plugs, regulators, tire repair and tire hardware.

Tire Repair Kits

Tire Repair Kits

Complete line of kits that include all tools, cement and patches required to make your tire repair.

Catalog Number Item Name
15-162Super-Grip Tire Repair Kit
15-159Super-Grip Emergency Tire Repair Kit
15-163Emergency Tire Repair Kit
15-165Emergency Radial Repair Kit
15-169Perma-Strip Patch Kit
15-262Off-Road Tire Repair Kit
15-282Heavy Duty Truck Repair Kit
15-17731 Piece Tire Repair Tool Box
15-18146 Piece Tire Repair Tool Box
11-004Bicycle Tube Foil-Back Repair Kit
14-130Tube Tire Repair Kit
14-132DIY Tire Repair Kit
14-134Foil Back Repair Kit
11-00741 Piece TruePatch Kit
15-161Refill Kit For 15-162
15-164Emergency Refill Kit For 15-163
15-191Radial Repair Strings
15-298Plug-N-Patch Repair Kit
13-230Cam Cure Repair Kit
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Vehicle Handling

Proper tire pressure assures maximum vehicle handling and stability.

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