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Can you tell me how the needle on truflate kit 15-165 releases the insert as opposed to an open or split needle tool?


This string and tool kit is designed to be used as follows:


Insert the string half way through the eye of the needle

Insert tool through the tire

Pull  the tool back through the tire until the end of the tool comes through the tire

Cut the string at the end the tool


This string gets cut when you pull the tool through the tire instead of turning the tool slightly to dislodge the string on open eye needles.

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I ship many of your products to drilling contractors here in Houston, but they in turn ship them to their rigs all over the world. Where can I get schedule B numbers and country of origin on your products?

Our Customer Service department would be happy to help with any product data you need.  Please contact them at (800) 770-4639 or email at

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I have a Lubrimatic product that I need compatibility info and Product Sheet/MSDS. The product is Lubrimatic Air Compressor Oil SAE30 UPC barcode 079700117011, Code #11701.The product is made by Plews/Edelmann, Dixon, IL

For our current products, MSDS sheets may be found at

Unfortunately, this particular product is obsolete and no longer available.  

Please contact Customer Service at (800) 545-1689 for more information. 

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I do not see any mention of warranty anywhere on the website. Are your products warrantied or are the disposable?

Warranties vary by product.  More specific information may be obtained by contacting our Customer Service department at (800) 545-1689.

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Looking inside my coupler, I see four balls. Why is that better than Milton's coupler?


Tru-Flate's I/M style couplers have four (4) locking balls while Milton's couplers only offer three (3). Four evenly spaced balls are mechanically better to keep the mating plugs securely centered in the middle of the coupler to prevent air leaks and hissing. This advantage is even more noticeable as the couplers and plugs age, become worn and wear down below size specifications. Therefore, a coupler with four balls has a longer service life. Four balls are also an advantage VS. three in absorbing the shocks from impulses when using impact tools. Those four contact points will not wear out as quickly as three, once again ensuring that a four ball coupler enjoys a longer service life.

In summary, a coupler with four balls provides a more secure and leak-proof seal and will last longer than those with only three balls. 

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Which side of the patch in tru-flate kit 14-130 goes down against the repair/glue? what is the clear piece of plastic adheared to one side for?


The side with the solid color backing goes down against the repair/glue. The clear plastic side should be facing the installer.

The clear plastic backing is there to protect the rubber from contaminates such as grease and oil until installation.,  One of the final steps when repairing a tire is to remove the plastic and apply a rubber or bead sealer over the patch to seal and protect it from moisture. If the rubber had grease or oil on it the sealer will not adhere to the rubber. Even the oil from your fingers will cause an issue. 

If you need further assistance please contact our tech support at 800-323-6294.

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I installed new power steering hoses on a 2002 Trailblazer and they leak at the rack.Been out of the business for 20 years and am not sure if I installed the seals properly or if product is defective.Please advise.

There are two styles of hoses for the 02-09 Trailblazers. The “OEM style” uses the same Quick-Connect fitting at the rack as GM does, this requires reusing the original cup seal inside the rack port that came on the car. Inspect that seal before installing the new hose. Make sure that seal is seated correctly in the rack, is not torn or damaged and that the fitting at the rack end is perforating through the seal at installation. Any of these could cause a leak at the rack. The other uses a different style O-ring fitting at the rack, eliminating the need for the cup seal. Before installing this hose, the cup seal inside the rack port must be removed. Sometimes the cup seal can rip or tear still leaving a portion inside the rack port which can also cause a leak if not removed. 

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How can I order one of your catalogs?

Catalogs may be downloaded from our website at or by contacting customer service at 800-770-4639 for a hard copy.  

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What are the steps for the tire patch 14-130? Does glue dry before patch is installed?

INSTRUCTIONS FOR Tire Repair Kit – 14-130

Clean area to be repaired with Liquid Buffer. Roughen the surface with emery cloth or buffer. Apply Universal Cement, wait until cement is tacky before applying the repair patch.

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