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Special Fittings

Includes oil filter adapters, carburetor adapters, and fuel line adapters. Also includes fuel injection fittings for most late model fuel injected cars and light trucks. Drain plugs are also available. Due to the variety of fittings and materials used, pressure and temperature ratings are not available.

Adapter, Carburetor to Fuel Line - Special Fittings
Catalog Number Item NameInverted Flare TubePipe Thread
261320Adapter, Carburetor to Fuel Line3/16"1/8"
261420Adapter, Carburetor to Fuel Line1/4"1/8"
Plymouth Adapter - Special Fittings
Catalog Number Item NameInverted Flare TubePipe Thread
261520Plymouth Adapter5/16"1/8"
Metric Gas Line Adapter - Special Fittings
Catalog Number Item NameTube SizePipe Thread
262600Metric Gas Line Adapter3/8"16-1.5MM
Adapter For Oil Pressure Gauge - Special Fittings
Catalog Number Item NameFemaleMale
265220Adapter For Oil Pressure Gauge1/8" NPTF1/8"-28 BSP
Metric Self-Tapping Oversize Magnetic Drain Plug
Catalog Number Item NameSize
280000Metric Self-Tapping Oversize Magnetic Drain Plug14mm
Self-Tapping Oversize Drain Plugs
Catalog Number Item NameSize
280001Self-Tapping Oversize Drain Plugs1/2" oversize
280002Self-Tapping Oversize Drain Plugs1/2" double oversize
280003Self-Tapping Oversize Drain Plugs1/2" triple size
280010Self-Tapping Oversize Drain Plugs5/8"
280011Self-Tapping Oversize Drain Plugs11/16"
280012Self-Tapping Oversize Drain Plugs3/4"
280014Self-Tapping Oversize Drain Plugs7/8"
Oil Drain Plug and Gasket
Catalog Number Item NameSize
280005Oil Drain Plug and Gasket1/2" Std.
Metric Standard Drain Plug
Catalog Number Item NameSize
281122Metric Standard Drain Plug12-1.25MM
281127Metric Standard Drain Plug12-1.75MM
281145Metric Standard Drain Plug14-1.5MM
281162Metric Standard Drain Plug16-1.25MM
281185Metric Standard Drain Plug18-1.5MM
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