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Mike McCoy


bio Mike McCoy

Age: 44
Hometown: Mentor on the Lake, OH
Military Branch: 14 year Veteran of the United States Marine Corps - Gunnery Sergeant
Hobbies: Collecting sports cards and memorabilia


"As a small boy around 5 years old my Grandfather would wake me up before dawn to go dig earth worms to use as bait for fishing.  He would take me most weekends to catch blue gill and cat fish, with the occasional bass.  I was "hooked" ever since!  Thanks Grandpa!!!

I am a 12 year veteran of the FLW and BASS tournament trails and have fished the BFL/Everstart and FLW Tour, as well as Bass and local tournaments for years..  I have qualified for the BFL and BASS Weekend Series Regional Tournaments 11 Times and Won a BFL Tournament on Lake Wylie in South Carolina in 2001."

Mike McCoy

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