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The Edelmann® Hose Ready™ program is the solution for supplying your customers with the product they need to complete a full power steering repair.


Let us help you...

Reduce Warranty Claims  •  Increase Sales  •  Align Inventory  •  Build Customer Loyalty

Edelmann® offers a complimentary line review to get you started. Using Edelmann Analytics™, we identify the ideal assortment of power steering hoses to compliment your already existing inventory of pumps, racks, and gearboxes.


We then provide discounts on initial orders based on our recommendations. Beyond that, we will guarantee sale on the line review inventory so there is no risk to you.

Going forward, we offer reduced minimums for pre-paid orders as well as offering standardized expedited shipping rates on individual hoses, regardless of size and weight.

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high performance power steering hose

Edelmann Elite™ ushers in a new era with the introduction of the market's first premium power steering hose line. By utilizing an enhanced rubber formulation and advanced engineering techniques, the line is designed to excel in extreme temperatures from polar vortex coles to record-breaking heatwaves.

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With over 3,200 power steering assemblies and 700 repair kits, Edelmann® offers the highest VIO coverage in the market. With nearly 60 years of manufacturing experience, Edelmann is Committed to OEM Form, Fit and Function.

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premium universal power steering filter

•  Fits Over 99%+ of Vehicles in Operation
•  Universal Fitment Enables SKU Consolidation
•  Dual Filtration Technology
•  Protects the Repair

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Patent Pending

Edelmann Elite is proud to introduce the industry’s first premium universal power steering filter. Designed from the ground-up, this innovative filter solves the short comings of those that came before it. The filter raises the bar on filtering performance to protect the power steering system from contaminates while providing coverage for over 99% of vehicles with hydraulic power steering. While incorporating such materials as aircraft grade anodized aluminum, this power steering filter encapsulates Edelmann Elite’s philosophy of delivering first-class quality problem-solving products.

reduce pump & Rack Warranty by up to 60%


Turbo Oil Lines


Application Specific, high-quality turbocharger oil lines for transferring oil to and from the turbocharger of light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles.

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Edelmann® introduces a new line of aftermarket turbocharger oil lines for the increasing number of turbocharged vehicles in North America. The lines provide coverage to over 34 million vehicles in a broad range of applications from heavy duty trucks to small compacts. each application specific part includes the necessary hardware for a complete solution. The line-ups incorporate that same quality and philosophy of OEM Form, Fit & Function™ customers have come to expect from Edelmann® products.