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no core hassles

With 100% new, never reused or remanufactured parts, your core is unneeded. 
For collision repair, chances are remanufacturers wouldn't give you anything anyway!

to find the part needed

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Edelmann Elite hard parts are designed and manufactured with all new, never been used parts and materials.  Additionally, we 100% test each and every part to ensure real world performance and durability, 100% of the time.  This testing is verified with our proprietary D.N.A. and corresponding report that we include with every part.  With this kind of confidence we can offer a 100 year / 1,000,000 mile warranty on all our racks, pumps, and gears.

Quality and assurance like no one else

in the aftermarket.

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d.n.a. assurance

only available here

Individualized Designated Numeric AssetTM (DNA) numbers are engraved or printed on each and every part to provide an assurance of quality and authenticity for every power steering repair.

price and

For pricing and availability of all our parts:

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Edelmann Elite Power Steering Hose

While you are here, don't forget the hoses!  Chances are if the hard part is being replaced, so too should the hoses.  Our Edelmann Elite hoses come with the same 100 year / 1,000,000 mile warranty as the hard parts for a worry free repair that will keep the car on the road.

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