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Power steering Coolers

Three generations of experience in power steering coolers merged with the Plews & Edelmann experience in the power steering aftermarket has provided a power steering cooler program better than anything available today.

Our unique program allows us to manufacture power steering coolers to the exact, original specs where others make modifications for convenience or lack of ability. 

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Single Tube construction

Our process allows for a single tube to be bent to shape as needed for the coolers, eliminating failure points along the flow of the fluid.

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Tube Expander

Once the fins are placed and aligned, the tube is forcefully expanded to hold the fins in place.  This ensures a secure connection between the tube and the fins and makes the construction more durable.


OE Designed Mounting Brackets

From an end-user perspective, exact replacement starts with the ability to

install the replacement part without modifications and adaptations.


With original spec cooling fins, we can provide an ideal performance vs our competitors who reduce or reshaped the fins to match their redesigned products.

OE Style cooling fins



Form, Fit, and Function

Our coolers are manufactured to OE specification, utilizing industry leading technology. 

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