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POWER STEERING hoses and kits

Committed to O.E.M. Form, Fit and Function.
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With over 3,200 power steering assemblies and 700 repair kits, Edelmann® offers the highest VIO coverage in the market. With nearly 60 years of manufacturing experience, Edelmann® is Committed to OEM Form, Fit and Function.

For application specific information & part numbers:

If you are an installer and need assistance:

855-333-5832 or

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The Edelmann® Hose Ready™ program is the solution for supplying your customers with the product they need to complete a full power steering repair.

•  Reduce Warranty Claims
•  Increase Sales
•  Align Inventory
•  Build Customer Loyalty
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Edelmann Elite™ ushers in a new era with the introduction of the market's first premium power steering hose line. By utilizing an enhanced rubber formulation and advanced engineering techniques, the line is designed to excel in extreme temperatures from polar vortex coles to record-breaking heatwaves.

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